Available Procedures

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The Simos Kyriakides Clinic is a fully equipped surgical clinic capable of a wide range of surgical procedures, but as our international clients must be in such a condition that they may travel, and be able to convalesce (usually) within two weeks ; we limit our available procedures to the following - unless by special arrangement.

General Surgery

Thyroid Surgery
Perianal Pathology - Haemorrhoids & P.P.H.
Breast Surgery - Including Reconstruction
Varicoceles & Hydroceles
Surgery of the Bowel
Varicose Veins
Circumcision / Vasectomy


Hernia Repair & Laparascopic Hernia Repair
Laparascopic Cholecystectomy (Gall Bladder Removal)
Laparascopic Diaphragmatic Hernia Repair
Stomach Sleeve (for weight loss)
Gastric Band (Keyhole Surgery)


Ophthalmological procedures (eye surgery) including ultrasonic cataract repair


Urological procedures (By our specialist Urologist)


Paediatric procedures by our specialist paediatric surgeon

Safe, effective, ethical and confidential.

On VERY RARE OCCASIONS it may not be possible to complete a surgical procedure as planned (for example with laparascopic techniques) and it is at the surgeons sole discretion in all cases to perform the safest and most appropriate procedure for you.

Requirements for Surgery.


Patients are required to undergo certain laboratory analysis, x-rays or other tests pre operatively to ensure it is safe and/or appropriate for them to undergo the procedure they seek.  We will advise you as to these tests before you confirm your booking.
They can be performed in your own country or here is Cyprus but they must be recent - otherwise they will need to be repeated.  Recent means within 30 days - unless special circumstances apply in which case within72 hours.

If you are taking any medications - such as anticoagulants - we do need to know. This is not necessarily a bar to surgery but the more we know, the safer you are.  For this reason we will need full information on your medical history before confirming your appointment.


As a (very) general rule, if you are fit to fly then you are fit for surgery.

Both on and off-line, we will respect your confidentiality under all and any circumstances. 
For your enhanced privacy, your personal data or the details of your stay with us will not be disclosed to any third party at any time without your own specific written permission.


We honour our ethical obligation to our patients in terms of full confidentiality of personal data.