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How safe am I undergoing surgery in Cyprus?

Our clinic’s reputation is in part your guarantee, plus the fact that in European Cyprus we are bound by strict codes of practice and, as a private clinic, we are not externally regulated by target seeking and cost cutting local authorities as in the UK.
Our excellent reputation is based on positive feedback from satisfied patients – we will keep you safe, rest assured.

Where is your clinic?

In central Larnaka – fifteen minutes from the airport. We will come and pick you up from the airport if required, drop you off at the clinic to say “Hello” and then take you to your hotel.

Who will perform my surgery?

Your surgery will be performed by Dr. Kyriakides, and his assistant(s).  Your doctor will stay with you throughout the procedure and undertake every detail personally until you are returned to your room post-recovery.

When I go home – will my doctor still be available to advise me if needed?

Call us with any problems and we will be happy to talk to you. Or else email us. Skype is fine too.

How much is all this going to cost?

This is an issue that we will settle before you get on the plane. Occasionally unforeseen expenses may arise but these are always subject to discussion.

Can I ask a question not detailed here?

Yes. Click Here.